Covid-19 Adjustments

Like any other region, establishment, or organization, ARF of Rincón has been affected by the Coronavirus (Covid-19). Puerto Rico started a rigorous lock down in March 16 and, although the island has started to “slowly open”, it is still very difficult to resume operations as before. Getting an appointment with a veterinarian can take more than a month and flights have been cancelled to send dogs to our partners in the mainland. ARF of Rincon will still try to assist people and help them in any way we can, but our resources are limited. We will only be able to rescue a dog if a space opens.

“Puppy Travelers” Needed


Picture Source: Pet Life Today

We send our dogs to the states using either American Airlines Cargo (from San Juan) or United Airlines (from Aguadilla). At the current moment, there are no flights from San Juan – as of now and through September – and the Aguadilla Airport is closed.  If you are a frequent flyer to Philadelphia, Boston, or New York, please let us know. Sometimes some of our dogs have to travel to Florida. Please visit our Facebook page and Like us so we can keep you updated.

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