We are grandparents!

Since I have been involved with ARF of Rincon, none of our dogs and cats (both our own as well as our fosters) have given birth. We are serious about spaying and neutering; we rescued a dog and first thing is vaccines and sterilization. Our own pets, as soon as they are 6-months old, is “SNIP-SNIP”. So we have been newborn-free for many years… Until this past weekend.


Miriam received a call that a pregnant boxer was dumped. In less than one hour she had taken the dog to a safe place and… Oh – was she pregnant. The dog was already looking for a place to give birth. Two days later the puppies arrived. We named the new mom Celia, in honor of Celia Cruz, a Cuban singer.

celia 2

So now we have seven puppies. We have to wait until they are old enough so they can eat by themselves and have the first round of vaccines; then they will be ready for adoption. Name suggestions are welcome. And as soon as Celia finishes nursing them, is SNIP-SNIP time for her!

celia and puppies

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