Upcoming Activities


Date: June 24th, 2017

Location: ARF Office @ Balneario de Rincón

This will be our thirteenth mass sterilization! Dr. Cruz and his amazing team will be coming back to Rincón. The cost for sterilizing a dog is $65, for a cat is $45; please be aware that there could be additional charges (if the dog is in heat or has endometriosis). The dog or cat must be vaccinated. If you do not have evidence that your pet is vaccinated, then the vet will have to vaccinate them for an additional $25. Call to reserve your space.

*If you only want to get your dog or cat vaccinated, call us as well; after 4:30 pm the veterinary will vaccinate a certain number of cats and dogs so make sure you reserve your space.


Stay tune for information about our upcoming activities…