NEW: Sponsoring Program

In an effort to reduce the overpopulation of stray dogs and cats in Puerto Rico, ARF of Rincón aims to bring Dr. José A. Cruz once a month to do a mass sterilization (approximately 30 dogs and cats in one day at a low cost). These mass sterilizations are focused on strays as well as pets from low income families. If you want to sponsor the sterilization of a dog or cat, contact us by email ( and we can tell you the current dogs and cats that can benefit from your help. 

Low Cost Spay/Neutering Program

ARF of Rincón has partnered with trusted and dedicated veterinarians to provide low cost spaying/ neutering to the community of Rincón.  ARF of Rincón has also partnered with Dr. José A. Cruz, who was a mobile clinic, to sponsor Spay and Neuter Days, when several dogs and cats can be sterilized in one day.

To find a participating veterinarian nearest you, call:

  • Aguadilla Veterinary Clinic, Aguadilla 787-819-4609
  • Albergue Villa Michelle, Mayaguez 787-834-4510
  • Animal Medical Hospital, Cabo Rojo 787-255-3316, After hours: 787-538-0008 Fully equipped emergency room.
  • Animal Medical Clinic, Aguada 787-868-8000
  • Miradero Vet Clinic, Bo. Miradero, Mayaguez   787-834-6050
  • The Pet Vet, Bo. Playa Jobos, Isabela 787-872-0204

Adoption/Fostering Program

ARF of Rincon helps find caring and responsible families to adopt healthy and social dogs and cats. Since ARF dogs and cats are under foster care, the foster parents can vouch about the character, socialbility and adoptability of the animal. All of ARF’s animals receive basic medical care and are in good health. To find out more about fostering animals, contact ARF.  To see our current available animals for adoption:  ARF Facebook

Registration Service

ARF can register your pet for a low cost of $2. Your pet will receive an ID tag with an identification number and ARF’s telephone number. YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION WILL BE KEPT STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. In the event your pet is lost, the ID tag will allow a rescuer to contact ARF who in turn will contact you. To register your pet, bring her, him or them to the ARF office during office hours.

Educational Community Outreach Program

ARF has partnered with the Board of Education in Puerto Rico.   As a graduation pre-requisite, high school students in Rincon, Puerto Rico, must perform 40 hours of community service in organizations of their choice.   On average, 14 students sign up to work with ARF per year.  ARF participants instruct the students regarding organization, team work, practical skills and especially the importance of animal welfare and owner responsibilities.   ARF endeavors to make the volunteering experience a positive one and is happy to provide a referral letter to colleges for any student completing the program.