ARF of Rincón is funded 100% by supporter donations.

There are many ways you can donate and support our organization. One of them is by signing up for BarkBox, when every month you can receive a box in the mail with four or more carefully selected products and presents for your dog. A portion of profits from each box will go to help ARF of Rincón in continuing assisting doggies-in-need; just click on the icon below and it will direct you to the page; there follow the three easy steps and done!


You can also donate through PayPal ( or by sending a check to ARF of Rincón, PO Box 592, Rincón, PR 00677.

This is what we do with your donations:

Foster/Adoption Program

When a dog or cat is rescued, the first thing we do is to put the animal by himself/herself until he or she is vaccinated. Afterwards (at least 10 days) the rescued animal can socialize with others. If not spayed/neutered, then an appointment is made for this procedure.  ARF of Rincon pays for all the vaccines, shots, and medical procedures until the animal is adopted; the adoption fee is used to cover these costs.

Unexpected Costs

However sometimes there are other expenses based on the animal’s condition at the moment of his or her rescue. Our latest example is Rasta Bark Marley, who was rescued on Thursday night, February 12th, 2015. Rasta’s coat was so tangled, that it took the rescuer over 4 hours to trim most of the matted hair; a second trim was performed by a professional and that one took 3 hours. Once trimmed, we could see he was underweight as you could see his rib cage. At the vet they told us the bad news: Rasta tested positive to heartworms. The treatment for this condition will be approximately $750.  After he was finished with his treatment, Rasta was placed for adoption.

Rasta Bark Marley, the day he was rescued (02-12-2015)

Rasta Bark Marley, the day he was rescued (02-12-2015).

Rasta Bark Marley, after a professional grooming and a visit to the vet (02-14-2015).

Rasta Bark Marley, after a professional grooming and a visit to the vet (02-14-2015).



Spay/Neuter Vouchers

In order to reduce the number of stray dogs and cats, ARF of Rincon assists the local residents with spay/neuter vouchers for low cost sterilization procedures. The owner of the animal pays a portion of the expenses and ARF of Rincon covers the rest. This is done throughout the year, if the funds are available.