If you are ready to adopt a dog or a cat, here are the ones currently available. All those available for adoption are currently in foster homes, so their foster parents can provide more information about the personality of each animal.





Osito is a sweet (and mellow) male dog about three years old. He weighs 35 pounds and loves belly rubs and for someone to brush his hair. Osito gets along great with other dogs and cats. He has all his shots and is neutered. He has overcome many of his issues as he was abused by his previous owner; the first time he got a treat he did not know what to do with it! But with a lot of love and the friendship of two other dogs and three cats, Osito has become a great pet. He will be great for any family.



Jackie is a very special dog for everyone a ARF as her story breaks our hearts.  Originally adopted on December, 2013, Jackie was still a puppy (less than 4 months) when a couple promised us to take care of her, love her, and get her spayed when she was a little bit older. After couple of months ARF contacted the couple to ask if she was spayed, and they answered “yes”. Almost one year later, on November 2014, Jackie was abandoned in front of ARF’s office with her 6 babies.  Since then she has been spayed and a complaint has been filed against the people who broke their promise to love her. Jackie is medium size dog with a short tail (she was born like that); she is house broken and gets along with other dogs and cats. We need someone really special to take care of this special dog; Jackie deserves the love that was previously denied.

The Kennedys of ARF

John Fitzgerald (a.k.a. Jack), Ted, Jean, Rosemary, Patricia, and Kathleen

John Fitzgerald (a.k.a. Jack), Ted, Jean, Rosemary, Patricia, and Kathleen

These are the adorable children of Jackie (a.k.a. Mama Beach, a.k.a. Jaxx), the sweet dog that was dumped in front of our office on November 5th. As of January 3, 2015, we are estimating that these adorable puppies are 11 weeks old.  but they are starting to eat dry food and wandering all over the house! Almost all of them have been adopted, except Ted, a very sweet male puppy who likes to cuddle.



Happy Be

happy1 happyb2 happy3

This little cutie appeared at one of our volunteer’s house. Is too young but soon will get vaccinated. We still don’t know if it is a female or a male, but we sure know that it is very sweet! Very used to other cats and a small dog.  Loves to cuddle to its step brother and humans too!



charlie 1

Approximately 1.5 years old, very sweet male dog. He gets along with dogs and cats. He is small/medium and weighs around 25 pounds. Knows how to walk on a leash and is housebroken.  Charlie is shy at first, but suddenly he will start giving you kisses!

charlie 2


 Chihuahua Time!

On January 20th, 2015, we rescued three chihuahuas. One of them – and the only male – was rescued by Janiel, one of ARF’s volunteers. Janiel saw when this cute chihuahua was dumped in front of the high school and quickly went over there to rescued him; he named him Thomas. Thomas is still a puppy (less than 6 months) and loves to play and give kisses. Later that day we got a call about two chihuahuas and a small brown mutt close to Cowboy’s Restaurant. Unfortunately when we got there, the brown dog was ran over by car, but we were able to rescue the two chihuahuas. Both are female; Mina appears to be 2 years old and Lara looks to be less than one year old. Mina is very mellow; Lara was afraid of people at first, but with food and lots of love, she now likes to be pet and asks for it! (Update: Mina has been adopted.)

Thomas - male puppy, very playful and affectionate.

Thomas – male puppy, very playful and affectionate.

Lara - maybe less than a year old; playful and shy.

Lara – maybe less than a year old; playful and shy.


Lola is a beautiful female boxer – she has lots of energies and at the same time is very sweet. She is vaccinated and spayed and currently in a foster home where her foster parents take her to the beach frequently. In the words of her foster parents: “She has been amazing! One of the happiest pups I have ever had the pleasure of being around!”

Lola and her foster dad.

Lola and her foster dad.

Close up of beautiful Lola.

Close up of beautiful Lola.


Rico was sadly rescued next to her dead mom, who was hit by a car. The poor little fella was sitting next to her. He is approximately three months old and is fully vaccinated. Ricco is good with other dogs, sweet with people, and playful. We estimate that he will be a medium/large size dog.

Good boy at the vet.

Good boy at the vet.

Head tilting at its best.

Head tilting at its best.

 Lilo & Stitch

We won’t lie, we are running out of names. These two small-size dogs were rescued at the Lighthouse of Rincón; while waiting for the vet to check them out, we asked a little girl to named them. Her answer: Lilo and Stitch! And that’s how we named them. Both are males, vaccines up to date, over a year old (but not older than two years) and very sweet. They love it when you pet them. Both of them ignore cats (they ignore them) and are good with kids (and adults). Lilo is not so fond of other small dogs (but seems okay with big ones).









Capulina is a dashing mix and was rescued when she was pregnant; she gave birth to PD, Cameo, Oreo and Patch – all of them have been adopted and now is mom’s turn! Capulina is approximately a year and a half old, she is spayed and has all her vaccines up-to-date.

In Need of a Foster Home

Not sure if you are ready to adopt? Then you can start by fostering a furry friend. ARF of Rincon will assist you and help you until the animal is adopted (or hopefully you will fall in love with your fostered child and adopt him/her).


If you want to adopt/foster, please let us know by calling 787-823-7167 or sending an e-mail to