If you are ready to adopt a dog or a cat, here are the ones currently available. All those available for adoption are currently in foster homes, so their foster parents can provide more information about the personality of each animal. If you are still not sure about which dog or cat to adopt, we will let you take the animal for a week as a “trial”; that way you can be sure that you are making the right decision.

Lilo & Stitch

We won’t lie, we are running out of names. These two small-size dogs were rescued at the Lighthouse of Rincón; while waiting for the vet to check them out, we asked a little girl to named them. Her answer: Lilo and Stitch! And that’s how we named them. Both are males, vaccines up to date, over a year old (but not older than two years) and very sweet. They love it when you pet them. Both of them ignore cats and are good with kids (and adults). It takes them a while to be around other dogs; afterwards they are all about playing! Still, we think they have been neglected for so long that all they need is love.









Capulina is a daschund mix and was rescued when she was pregnant; she gave birth to PD, Cameo, Oreo and Patch – all of them have been adopted and now is mom’s turn! Capulina is approximately a year and a half old, she is spayed and has all her vaccines up-to-date.


vale1 vale2


What a sweet-sweet dog! Valentina was dumped in a friend’s yard on March 28th, 2015. She appears to be 4 months old and we observed that she is good with cats and other dogs. That same day she started deworming treatment and had her first boost of the vaccines combo. Valentina was then taken to a foster home with another dog and they started playing right away! We estimate that she will be a medium size dog (on the “big” size) but she sure has lots of love to give as she likes to cuddle.



BB King

BB King

BB King





BB king was rescued near the Burger King on Route 115 – hence his name. This sweet male dog was hit by a car and hurt his leg.  He has all his vaccines and the vet estimates that he is about one year-old, so he is full grown (he is a medium-sized dog). Because of his accident, he has a permanent limp, but he runs like the wind! We believe that he will be great for a family that needs to looks at the bright side of things as BB king is has a great attitude and he does not let his limp affect him in any way – he is always happy!

Blanca Nieves 

Blanca Nieves is a sweet pit bull – mix who recently gave birth to pups. She is in a foster home with other dogs and she gets along with everybody (as you can see from the picture – she is the big one!).  She has all her vaccines and is approximately a year and a half old.

Blanca enjoying a nap with her foster sibling

Blanca enjoying a nap with her foster sibling

Abbey’s Puppies

Abbey is a small size dog who had puppies recently. They turned one month on August 15th, 2015, so they are ready to be adopted. They will be small-size once they are fully grown. Remember: puppies need to be train, so be sure that you have the time (and the patience) to teach your new puppy some basic commands, specially to be house-trained if you are planning to keep them inside the house.

The last of Abbey' puppies up for adoption.

The last of Abbey’ puppies up for adoption.

Camille’s puppies – coming up

Robin Hood – coming up

8 Responses to Adopt

  1. Yoalis Marrero says:

    We are looking for a dog.Where is your shelter?So we can adopt a puppy.

    • Ivette Cruzado says:

      We are not a shelter; our dogs are in foster homes. Are you interested in one in particular? You can also contact us via Facebook.

  2. brook says:

    Hello, curious about fostering. How do I go about doing that? Who do I contact. Thank you!

    • miriam juan says:

      You can send us an email ( with what type of dog you are willing to foster (small, medium, big – male or female) and then we can coordinate with you what is your best option.

  3. Maureen says:

    Estamos buscando a un pitbull o un cruze de pitbull q tiene 6meses a 2 años q se lleva bien con otros perros, gatos y niños de 11 años+. Estamos en levittown

    • Ivette Cruzado says:

      En este momento no tenemos pitbull con nosotros pero si se de personas que tienen. Mandanos tu telefono por email ( para poder contactarte.

  4. Monica Gierbolini says:

    hi! I’m interested in one of your puppies, Quick. Has he been adopted yet? I would love to adopt him and give him a home.

    • Ivette Cruzado says:

      I am sorry, but Quick has been adopted. We just rescued 8 puppies (less than a month old) that will be ready for adoption in two months or so, if you are still interested by then.

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