If you are ready to adopt a dog or a cat, here are the ones currently available. All those available for adoption are currently in foster homes, so their foster parents can provide more information about the personality of each animal. If you are still not sure about which dog or cat to adopt, we will let you take the animal for a week as a “trial”; that way you can be sure that you are making the right decision.


Chance’s story is a sad one as his “owner” wanted to put him to sleep because they couldn’t feed him anymore. He is about 5-years old, medium size, fully vetted and neutered. Likes kids, adults, dogs, and cats. He was trained so he knows how to walk without a leash and does his business outside. Chance is low maintenance so it would be perfect for anyone who lives a very relaxing life, specially if you love the beach.





And we also have kittens. These are just adorable!



If you are interested in a puppy, just let us know! Sadly there are so many  dumped every day it is difficult to update this page accordingly.  Commitment of sterilizing a puppy is required.



Gretel is a pure bred boxer, between one and two years old. She is spayed and has all her vaccines.


Honey is a brindle boxer. She is already two years old. Honey is spayed and has all her vaccines. Recently she went on a night out with her foster mom and Honey behaved perfectly! She does not bark or jump on people. Everyone was able to pet her.


Rescued from a house in Rincon, Lolita was able to gain weight in two weeks.  We never knew all the details, but we know now that Lolita is very grateful to be out of there. Lolita is very affectionate and active. She seems to be a pure bred Boxer and the way she behaves makes us think that she is around two years old.  Lolita has all her vaccines and we still need to find out if she is spayed or not. She is great with other dogs and wants to play with cats (cats don’t like her).

Lolita, the day after she was rescued (May 15th, 2017)

Lolita on May 31st, 2017


Because we know sometimes independent rescuers need help in getting their rescues adopted, we gladly showcase them in our page. If you are interested in any of the dogs/cats below, let us know and we will put you in contact with their rescuers.


Sophia is a great dog but she is an alpha! Sophia has all her vaccines, she is spayed, and she is housetrained. She gets along with other dogs as long as they are betas. Great with kids and adults. Contact person: Noemi and Luis.


We don’t know how old he is, but we are guessing he is about 2 years-old. Kevin is a very active dog who is living in a farm right now so he needs a lot of space. He gets along with other dogs and is great with people, but seems too interested in cats. Kevin has all his shots but it is not neutered (not yet!) and has been taking training lessons. Contact person: Tom Spontelli


Patria has all her vaccines and was recently spayed. Friendly with everyone and everything (yes, that includes cats!). She is less than one year old. Patria looks big in that picture, but she is less than 50 pounds. Contact person: Anthony Smith.



Because ARF of Rincón is not a shelter, we continuously find ourselves helping dogs even if we do not have the space to give them shelter. If you want to help us by fostering a dog,  please let us know by sending us an email to Please make sure that you specify what type or dog you can foster (i.e. small or big, good with children, good with cats, low maintenance, etc.).



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