About ARF

About Our Rescue Group

Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) of Rincón is an animal welfare organization that services the town of Rincón, Puerto Rico, that started in 1997 in the face of a sad incident. It was started by a handfull of devoted volunteers that would rescue and find homes for dogs and cats. Since then, it has evolved to focus on eradicating animal overpopulation. Our new focus is on mass sterilization as well as providing workshops in schools in order to involve the community in our mission. Students can also do voluntary hours with us. In 2015, a total of 432 dogs and cats were rescued; 411 dogs and cats were adopted. We also assisted 42 families to travel with their pets and we were able to reunite 95 pets with their owners.


Come Meet our Pets

ARF of Rincón is not a shelter. If you are interested in meeting one of ARF’s adoptable dogs or cats, simply call ARF at 939-697-8161 for an appointment. To view the animals available for adoption, check our “Adopt” page or our  Facebook page. The ARF of Rincón office is located in the public beach of Rincón.  Its office hours are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10:00am to 1:00pm.

Our Adoption Process

ARF is not a shelter nor does it have foster homes. Animal rescuers that contact ARF are asked to temporarily foster the animals.  While fostered animals are recuperating from the immunization and spay/neuter process, the foster family is re socializing, nurturing and providing affection.   In the adoption program, ARF pays 100% for immunization, medicines for deworming and ear mites.   It also pays 100% for spaying/neutering.  ARF charges a small adoption fee of $50 for dogs and cats that have been vaccinated; if they have been spayed/neutered, the fee is $100, which partially covers the medical expenses.

Board Members

President: Miriam Juan
Vice President and Webmaster: Ivette Cruzado
Office Administrator: Lillian Koyce
Treasurer: Miriam Pérez
Director of Public Relations: Luis F. Ortiz
Rescuers and Foster Parents: Wanda Colón, Sue Westfry, Wolfgang and Sue Ragowsky
Foster Parents: Dana Matson, Waleska López, Noemi De Jesús
Young Members: Brandon Feliciano, Janiel Ortiz, Aalaiyah Ortiz, Aleysha Ortiz
Volunteers: Christian Figueroa, Soemi Garcia, Christian Alduen, Shelly Allen, Nancy Lorenzo
Vocals: Sandra Santos, Enid Señeriz, Laura Chambers
Marketing: Lindsey Phipps