Yes, you can take your dog with you!

In the past few months we have seen an increase in the number of dogs and cats abandoned, specifically because their owners moved to the mainland. I cannot imagine how they do it; I have promised myself that if I ever have to leave I would do anything in my power to take my furry children with me. So when someone contact us telling us that they are leaving and they need to find a place for their pet, we get frustrated – very frustrated. How can you leave your child? Then when we talk to them and many times we see that they are not well informed about flying with their pets. So yes, you can take your beloved pet with you!


We recently had the experience of helping a low income family flying their two dogs with them. We were both glad and honored to help them. Seeing this family, already struggling, doing the responsible thing – which meant more struggles – filled us with joy and admiration. At first the dogs were not able to make the same flight as the family. Then the dogs’ flight was cancelled two more times. And every time we happily drove with the dogs to the airport.


If this family was able to do it, anyone can do it – you can do it. It takes sacrifice, but remember that your pet is your responsibility forever. And we will be pleased to help you.

*Contact ARF of Rincon ( so we can give you information about how you can take your pet with you. Remember: ARF of Rincon is not a shelter and we are usually at an over-capacity status, so contacts us at least three weeks before your departure date to ensure a smooth and stress-free process.  

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