New Program: Sponsor a Dog’s or Cat’s Sterilization

Back in December 2015, ARF of Rincón hired the services of Dr. José A. Cruz, who has a mobile vet clinic, for mass sterilizations (30 dogs and cats can be sterilized in one day). The event was such a success that we hired him several times; next June Dr. Cruz will be coming back for the fifth time and hopefully every month after that. The mass sterilizations are aimed for stray dogs and cats as well as pets from low income families. For one of the sterilizations, my friend Amanda Roth decided to cover the costs of Max, one of her neighor’s dog. We did not know this was the beginning of a sponsoring program.

Amanda and Rick Roth sponsored the sterilization of Max, their neighbor's Great Dane.

Amanda and Rick sponsored the sterilization of Max, their neighbor’s Great Dane.

Amanda and her husband Rick come to Puerto Rico every year for the season. They are both animal lovers and always support ARF of Rincón. But this time they went the extra mile and helped a particular dog: Max. Max’s owner was not able to pay for his sterilization so Amanda decided to sponsor the dog’s neutering procedure. Thanks to this selfless act of compassion, a program was born. And the next time a person was not able to pay for his dog’s sterilization, I reached out to someone else… Next time was Alesandra Morales’ turn.

Alesandra sponsored the upcomingn sterilization of Baby Negri, one of Don Frankie's dogs.

Alesandra sponsored the upcoming sterilization of Baby Negri, one of Don Frankie’s dogs.

Alesandra was always telling me how she wanted to help ARF of Rincón. When I met Don Frankie I knew instantly how Alesandra could help. Don Frankie’s brother, who recenlty passed away, made him promised to take care of his dog, Baby Negri. When we approached Don Frankie and his wife they told us that they would like for Baby Negri to be spayed but they could not afford it. I reached out to Alesandra who immediately said she would help Don Frankie. Thanks to Alesandra, Baby Negri will be spayed next June. Now we are focusing on Dora, a white pit-bull mix who is only 6 months old.

Doro will be vaccinated and spayed on June 26.

Dora will be vaccinated and spayed on June 26.

The cost for vaccines and spaying Dora is $90, and her owners were humble enough to pay what they could afford: $40. If you would like to contribute to Dora’s vet care (or sponsor any other dog’s or a cat’s sterilization), please let us know by sending an e-mail to Together, we can reduce the overpopulation of strays in Puerto Rico. It will take time, but maybe one day there will be no dogs to rescue. As our President Miriam Juan said in a recent event: “My dream is for one day to close the office of ARF of Rincón, because it would no longer be necessary to have an office at all.”

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