Mama Beach and her Puppies; dumped in front of ARF’s office

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014, was a rainy day. One of those days that you want to stay in bed and, if you are lucky, cuddle with your dogs and cats. But there was work to do, so staying in bed was not an option. When we got to ARF’s office there she was, a skinny female dog with her 6 puppies. It is a sad sight; a sweet mama dog dumped with her babies on a weather like that. We named her Mama Beach.

Mama Beach dumped with her puppies in front of ARF's office.

Mama Beach dumped with her puppies in front of ARF’s office.

Mama Beach was dumped along with her puppies. Her puppies were placed in a box with two clean towels. They did not have ticks of fleas. Somebody was obviously taking good care of this family. We ask ourselves “why anyone would do something like this?” as we think on how we assist all our foster parents.

Mama Beach nursing her puppies.

Mama Beach nursing her puppies.

We will not lie; it is frustrating. ARF of Rincon is not a shelter and we have no space for this kind of situation. We depend on nice people who open their homes and their hearts and agree to foster our animals. And right now we need more people like that. Also, we are only opened three days of the week, so Mama Beach was lucky that we were able to see her the same day she was dumped. Furthermore, if a person feels like he or she is in a tight situation, we will help them; there is no need to dump the dog or cat. ARF of Rincon will work with anybody that agrees to foster a dog or cat until the animal gets adopted.

We were able to place Mama Beach and her puppies in a foster home. She is a very good mom – she likes to clean them when they are dirty, nurses them when they are hungry, and protects them from other dogs. Mama Beach trusts us humans with her puppies, which is good because that way we get to cuddle with them. One curious fact: Mama Beach has a short tail; we thought it was because of an accident but three of her babies have short tails too!

If you can help by fostering or adopting, please call us at 787-823-7167 or send us an e-mail ( You can also help us by donating via Paypal. Any help (small or big) will be greatly appreciated.

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