Dog Day Saturday July 21st

Dia de Pero

Bring your Rincon dog!

Dog Health Day on July 21st
from 9:00am-12:00pm
at the Balneario de Rincon

Dr. Melanie Zurkowsky Caro from
Taino Mobile Vet Services
will be offering vaccinations for $20

Schedule to Spay/Neuter
Your Pet for only $25

Coming on September 22nd
Cat Health Day!

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St. Patrick’s Day Fundraiser

ARF recently held its 15th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Fundraiser and what a night! Over 190 attended and the room was abuzz with guests dressed in green, sporting beads and theme accessories. The silent auction tables were laden with donations from local businesses and artisans. DJ Levi and his son played theme music and set the mood with their green lights. Mmadu Onyeuwa sang a set of special songs that had people singing along. Villa Cofresi Hotel and Restaurant provided, as usual, a delicious buffet consisting of their famous corned beef and cabbage while Tom Spontelli’s vegetarian and raw food without a doubt delighted the palates. 

ARF is especially grateful to Richard Re who was the evening’s big entertainer as our auctioneer for the live auction with the assistance of the lovely and talented Sandra Rodriguez.  And we even had an impromptu performance by singer Jerome Rubin accompanied by guitarist Ric Rutherford who added their special talent to the festivities. Without a doubt the whole event was such a success!

This fundraiser was important since it raised funds to help cover the costs of the spaying and neutering and the adoption programs for the next 8 months! In 2011, ARF serviced over 900 dogs and cats. It sterilized 451 animals. It covered the basic medical care and sterilization of 256 animals in its adoption program and it found “forever” homes for 204 while assisting with 25 more.  And all of this was made possible with funds raised through fundraising, fees for service, individual donations, and a $10,020 grant from PetSmart Charities, Inc which ended January 15, 2012. The funds raised at this event will help ARF continue its precious efforts in 2012.

Thank you all who made this event possible: ARF’s board members

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Dog Health Day

Bring your dog from Rincon!

Adopt Me!

Saturday, January 21st, ARF will have a Dog Health Day from 9:00am-12:00.  It will include a Membership Drive reception during the event.   Dr. Julio Caban will be the participating veterinarian.

Bring your Rincon dog!


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ARF sponsored Cat Health Day in Rincon Puerto Rico

Dr. Benson AND her assistant Eugenio Crespo

Early Saturday morning of September 17th, a team of ARF volunteers busily set up tables and chairs underneath the palm fronds and the Flamboyan trees in the Public Beach of Rincon, Puerto Rico. Finally, everything was ready for the ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation) of Rincon-sponsored Cat Health Day.

Gladys Quinones and Leo Roubian at the spay/neuter table

Gladys Quinones and Leo Roubian at the spay/neuter table

At this yearly one day-special event, many cat owners gladly awaited their turn to have their cats vaccinated and/or scheduled for spay/neuter appointments all at low-cost. Participating at this year’s event was the veterinarian Dr. Elena Benson from the office Consultorio Veterinario in Aguadilla, and assisting her was Eugenio Crespo, the manager from the Animal Shelter Villa Michelle in Mayaguez. Although this event takes place outdoors, extra care is taken to provide for the cats’ safety by vaccinating indoors.   Also to promote good nutrition Angelica Gaetan persuaded Royal Canin to make a generous donation of canned and dry quality cat food.  

Royal Canin table with ambassador Angelica Gaetan

Royal Canin table with ambassador Angelica Gaetan

ARF, as a community-based animal welfare and rescue non-profit organization in the community of Rincon, is committed to promoting animal welfare and reducing animal overpopulation. This is a small organization with a smaller budget run by 2 part time employees, 4 board members and dedicated volunteers. Among its vital programs, it runs an affordable year-round spay/neuter program. To encourage even more participation in the sterilization program, ARF sponsors three Health Days a year: two for dogs and one for cats. These health days are important. By reducing animal overpopulation, it in turn reduces abandonment and neglect.

Mayor Carlos Lopez with Sheree

Mayor Carlos Lopez with Sheree supporting Cat Day

ARF is happy to announce that at the end of the Cat Health Day event, 44 cats were immunized while ARF volunteers scheduled 45 spay/neuter appointments!  At this event, pet owners only paid $15 for a spay/neuter appointment while ARF will pay the remainder of the cost from internal funds and with the help of the PetSmart® grant. In total, 67 felines were serviced and each participant received the free Royal Canin cat food. Even the mayor of Rincon, Carlos Lopez Bonilla, dropped by with words of encouragement.  This event was an all around success! 

Volunteers for Animal Rescue Foundation Rincon

Volunteers for ARF!

These numbers may not seem impressive by stateside standards but they are in Puerto Rico. ARF is very pleased to be able to make an impact in this small community challenged by poverty and unemployment.  It’s a sure sign that the community has heard the message:  working together WE can save lives.

I love my cat

I love my cat!


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Dog Health Day: A Seed that Grew from Barbara Leslie

Clinica de Salud para Perros!   Back in 2008, this was the driving force of Barbara Leslie, a veteran volunteer of ARF.   It began after she attended a dog clinic day in Isabela sponsored by  The Pet Vet.   She wanted to ensure such an event was held in Rincon before her impending return to her home in the states.

Aguadilla Veterinary Clinic ARF's January 2011 Dog Health Day.

Dr. Julio Caban with Luke

“ARF, people in the Rincon dog community, friends, the veterinarians (Animal Medical Clinic in Aguada, Miradero Veterinary Clinic in Mayagüez, and The Pet Vet in Isabela) and my family were all on board with the idea.   Many worked hard to put together a fun event that addressed dog health, education for owners/the community and established another ARF bridge to residents of Rincon” wrote Barbara Leslie.

At the 2008 event, Dr. Ricardo Marrero from the Miradero Veterinary Clinic in Mayagüez administered low-cost vaccinations while ARF expanded on the event by including sterilization appointments and registration of dogs.

ARF's Dog Day

Registering dogs for low cost vaccination

Since that momentous day back in 2008, the special one-day event, now called Health Day, has grown to two Dog Health Days (January & July) and one Cat Health Day (September) a year.   

In May 2011, ARF held a special Dog Health Day in the Community Center in Estela.   In addition, the veterinarians participating in these events have grown to include the Aguadilla Veterinarian Clinic and Villa Michelle Animal Shelter in Mayaguez.   These events promote animal welfare and fight animal overpopulation.

Thank you, Barbara Leslie, for your vision, to the Rincon community for being part of the solution, and to our invaluable volunteers for making this event the success that it is today.

Dog needing home at Dog Day January 2010

I need a home!


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Education: Youths Making a Difference

Education is an important tool to raise awareness in the minds of our youths.   It’s encouraging to receive stories such as this one from an 8 year old girl, Angela Rosario. She brought a fostered dog to school and shared with her classmates her experience with rescuing and fostering:

ARF Education in public schools

Boggie, Angela, and her brother Christian

“My name is Angela. I’m eight years old and I’m in third grade.  I’m going to talk about my foster pet Boggie.  She is two years old and someone dropped her off at my house when she was pregnant.  She had eight puppies, two died, but we were able to find homes for four and we still have two left.   She is a really good dog, don’t know or understand how people can just take a pet and drop them off like garbage.   My mom went to ARF and ARF has helped us with Boggie and her babies Bonny and Clyde.   People should learn how to deal with pets and try to get help before doing something so cruel to them.   They don’t deserve to be treated like that.   They starve, suffer and die.   I can never let that happen to Boggie and she’s not even my dog.   I wish I can stay with her but mom says we need to get her a home so we can be able to help others.   I wish Boggie gets a good home cause she deserves it.”

Angela and the Rosario family have been very active in rescuing and volunteering.   The two older sons, Christian (pictured with Angela and Boggie) and Angel have done a commendable job caring for the animals showcased at the retail store.

Thank you guys for all that you do and for making a difference!

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Rescue Adoption Program: Partnering with PetSmart Charities®

Countless dogs like Lulu are being dumped every day.  Lulu was in very bad shape when first rescued, unfed and living for a while under an abandoned house.  Luckily Cynthia Aldridge made the choice to rescue, foster and eventually let Lulu go to a permanent home.

Lulu Basset Hound from Cynthia Aldrige

A second chance for Lulu!

The number of animals in ARF’s adoption program is staggering.  That’s why ARF is always looking for ways to expand its adoption resources and give our animals a second chance.   Imagine our excitement when a PetSmart Charities® representative invited rescue organizations with federal or state tax-exemption status to sign up to showcase its adoptable animals at one of the three PetSmart® retail stores opening near San Juan. ARF also realized that here was a great opportunity to finally bring under its umbrella animal rescuers in Rincon as well as some rescuers in Aguada and Añasco who desperately need to find responsible homes for their rescues.   Since ARF’s participation in April 2011, 12 ARF adult dogs and puppies have been adopted while 6 dogs have been adopted from the Aguada and Añasco group during the one month they’ve been participating.


People checking the dogs at PetSmart

This is a great adoption venue especially for older dogs who are harder to place.   All potential families undergo a screening process.   Mean-while, PetSmart store associates are very attentive to the staff, and provide clean kennels, food and water for the animals. Many PetSmart customers have commented on our dog’s and cat’s healthy appearance and calm demeanor (a direct result of receiving care from foster families).  ARF volunteers  feed the dogs and cats, keep their kennels clean and frequently walk the dogs in a designated area.   After an adoption the families are contacted a week later to address issues or share in happy tales.   Call ARF to volunteer your time at these visits to the PetSmart store.   You’ll have fun and the dogs really enjoy the attention!

Vanilla at PetSmart

Thank You PetSmart Charities®



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