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In this website you will find all the information that you need regarding our organization, from our mission to the adorable pets that are up for adoption. Not sure if you want a life-time commitment? Then you can help us by being a foster parent. And of course, you can always help us with donations.  Thanks for visiting us!

Notice: The office will be closed from December 22nd, 2014 until January 7th, 2015. Happy Holidays!


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Vindicated: From “non-adoptable” to Event Mascot!

Happy Ending!

In September 2014, I was personally accused that I sent a NON ADOPTABLE pup to a prestigious rescue organization in USA. My relation with that organization severed, but I am happy to announce the updated story of the Non Adoptable Pup:


“This is “Luna” who is a Puerto Rico rescue from ARF OF RINCON, according to her records she was called Luna in that country. I have re-named her Bellaluna. People stop & look at her all the time. They are drawn to her.

She is one of your most beautiful rescues who has made it to a special place on Long Island, NY called the Hamptons. Also close to where ARF in East Hampton is located & where I had adopted her from. She is doing well & has overcome many of her issues & is no longer frighten or timid.

She helped sponsor at the new opening of the Southampton dog park this summer & was chosen Nest Seekers International Realty’s mascot/ model for that event.
She is draped in fine rhinestone collars & pampered daily. A true Princess.”

- Bellaluna MOM


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Mama Beach and her Puppies; dumped in front of ARF’s office

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014, was a rainy day. One of those days that you want to stay in bed and, if you are lucky, cuddle with your dogs and cats. But there was work to do, so staying in bed was not an option. When we got to ARF’s office there she was, a skinny female dog with her 6 puppies. It is a sad sight; a sweet mama dog dumped with her babies on a weather like that. We named her Mama Beach.

Mama Beach dumped with her puppies in front of ARF's office.

Mama Beach dumped with her puppies in front of ARF’s office.

Mama Beach was dumped along with her puppies. Her puppies were placed in a box with two clean towels. They did not have ticks of fleas. Somebody was obviously taking good care of this family. We ask ourselves “why anyone would do something like this?” as we think on how we assist all our foster parents.

Mama Beach nursing her puppies.

Mama Beach nursing her puppies.

We will not lie; it is frustrating. ARF of Rincon is not a shelter and we have no space for this kind of situation. We depend on nice people who open their homes and their hearts and agree to foster our animals. And right now we need more people like that. Also, we are only opened three days of the week, so Mama Beach was lucky that we were able to see her the same day she was dumped. Furthermore, if a person feels like he or she is in a tight situation, we will help them; there is no need to dump the dog or cat. ARF of Rincon will work with anybody that agrees to foster a dog or cat until the animal gets adopted.

We were able to place Mama Beach and her puppies in a foster home. She is a very good mom – she likes to clean them when they are dirty, nurses them when they are hungry, and protects them from other dogs. Mama Beach trusts us humans with her puppies, which is good because that way we get to cuddle with them. One curious fact: Mama Beach has a short tail; we thought it was because of an accident but three of her babies have short tails too!

If you can help by fostering or adopting, please call us at 787-823-7167 or send us an e-mail (arfrincon@gmail.com). You can also help us by donating via Paypal. Any help (small or big) will be greatly appreciated.

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Finding Home

Sometimes you don’t know right away that there is something different about the dog. The scenario looks the same though: a dog by himself, hungry, thirsty, and even dehydrated, wandering down the beach in the hot sun… he looks exhausted. You take the furry animal thinking “another homeless dog or maybe he was dumped.” And then you take a better look… There is something else. This dog has a nice coat; he has no ticks. He has been spayed. He has a collar. “Oh no!” you say to yourself as you realize the situation. “This is not a dumped dog. This is not a homeless dog. This is a lost dog!”

Mama Domes when she was rescued - 10-28-2014

Mama Domes when she was rescued (10-28-2014)

This was the case of Mama Domes. People called ARF of Rincon and told us that there was a dog at Domes Beach (hence her “rescue name”).  Rescuers went to pick up the dog on October 28th and took her to the vet. She was in good health, no fleas, no ticks, and no heartworms. She recently had a haircut and she was spayed. And she was so sweet. A dog like that only means one thing: she has owners that love her very much and must be looking for her. The procedure for this kind of rescue is different. Usually when a dog is rescued, he must go through several steps before he is placed for adoption: vaccines, de-worming, spaying, watch his behavior with other dogs, cats, and children, and sometimes even training classes. But in this case, besides posting Mama Domes pictures in Facebook, flyers were made and placed in strategic places all over Rincon, and we would drive around asking if anybody knew who this sweet dog belong to.

Mama Domes on her way to the vet (28-10-2014)

Mama Domes on her way to the vet (10-28-2014)

Then, on November 1st, we saw a flyer with the picture of Mama Domes at the EC Bakery; but this was not an ARF of Rincon’s flyer – it was the flyer made by her owners. They were looking for her! We quickly called the owners who live in Caguas – more than 100 miles away – and they came to pick her up that same day. They had been vacationing in Rincon and Sweetie (that’s Mama Domes real name) got lost. On both sides of the conversation there were people crying.  Because this rescue is special – although it is not really a rescue, is more like a reunion – but it still fills your eyes with tears. It is the type of reaction only someone who loves a dog that much can understand. All of ARF’s rescuers know the pain of losing a dog but reuniting Sweetie with her loving owners gave all of us such as sweet taste. We are happy that Sweetie found her parents; we are proud to be part of that moment when a family gets back together!

Sweetie is reunited with her family (11-01-2014)

Sweetie is reunited with her family (11-01-2014)

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