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In this website you will find all the information that you need regarding our organization, from our mission to the adorable pets that are up for adoption. Not sure if you want a life-time commitment? Then you can help us by being a foster parent. And of course, you can always help us with donations.  Thanks for visiting us!

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The Fairy Tale of Rincon’s Most Famous Dog: Sundae

Once upon a time, in a town far away, there was a little puppy princess, who was abandoned in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant. For days she looked at the humans that would come to the area, and one by one she checked them out, waiting to find the perfect human. Until one night, the long-haired woman came after a concert, and there was something about her that made the puppy princess think “this human is perfect for me!” This is the story of Sundae, and how she adopted her human, Tiah.

Sundae "rescued" (07-20-2014)

Sundae “rescued” (07-20-2014)

On July, 2014, Sundae decided that Tiah would make the perfect owner for her. So she quickly went to Tiah’s side and, using all her master skills in the art of seduction, was able to make Tiah put her in the car and take her home. “At last” – thought Sundae – “a warm home and food for me every day like I deserve.” But something was odd at Tiah’s house. Sundae would see that there will be dogs coming and going. Some dogs would only stay for couple of days and then they would leave and not come back. “I have to do something to prevent me from going away” – she thought. “This place is perfect for me and I cannot waste this opportunity.” For many hours Sundae thought what she could do to prevent Tiah from sending her away until she came up with the perfect plan. “It’s going to hurt” – Sundae reminded herself – “but it will be worth it!” So Sundae waited for Tiah to go grocery shopping and then the puppy princess jumped out of the balcony.  Success! Sundae broke her leg and now Tiah could not put her up for adoption.

Tiah and Sundae at Sam's Club.

Tiah and Sundae at Sam’s Club.

The plan worked perfectly. Tiah was forced to spend every hour with Sundae and take her everywhere – literally EVERYWHERE. Meanwhile, spending more time with Tiah meant that Sundae could keep working on her seduction skills. And she worked them all: from constant kisses, to get along with other dogs and cats, to help Tiah babysit! Yeah! And she made sure that she had the cast on her leg for a long– looooooong – time, so that she could have more time with her human.  When the cast came off, Sundae would keep checking Tiah’s attitude just to make sure that she would not hear the word “adoption” when Sundae was around. Until one night, a nice lady said the word to Tiah: “Is that cute dog for adoption?” and Tiah replied “No.” Sundae smiled. Victory was hers and she has finally adopted the human. Tiah had find her forever loving puppy princess.

Sundae: Rincon's puppy princess

Sundae: Rincon’s puppy princess


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ARF’s February Hero


It melts our hearts when someone so young understands the work that we do. Zachary A. Gilmore Santos (a.k.a. Zach) has demonstrated to be an exceptional young man with a heart of gold. Zach had the initiative to start selling key chains and necklaces to raise money for ARF of Rincón. His creations can be found at BE RINCON’s office, where his mother, Sandra Santos, works, as well as ARF’s fundraising events. Thanks Zach for being such a wonderful example to everyone!


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Making a Dog Adoptable: the Bittersweet Job of a Rescuer

On a cold morning, Miriam and I were driving to the homes of two of our foster parents. We needed to pick up the dogs they were fostering and drive them to the airport as they were adopted in the United States. Because we knew what was going to happen, we left several minutes ahead of schedule. At both homes we let the foster moms have more time to say goodbye. They were crying while hugging the dogs and giving them “one last kiss”. Still we were late for the airport.

As we were driving to the airport I started laughing about the whole situation. I too, have cried non-stop when sending one of my rescues to the states. It looks like we were a bunch of cry-babies.  And it is harder when they are abandoned dogs that once knew the warmth of a house and food every day. We don’t cry that much for puppies; but the ones that were neglected, that were betrayed by those who called themselves ‘owners”, those are the ones that break our hearts. This was the case of Osito.

Osito the first day at my house.

Osito the first day at my house.

Osito was living at the construction site of a school in Rincón with two other dogs. When I went to pick him up, a man claimed to be his owner, and rumors were that he was abusive towards Osito. I saw the man yell at Osito, grab him, and toss him into the car. My heart was accelerating. And then I saw Osito jumping out of the window of the man’s car. I couldn’t take it anymore: I told the man that he was not taking Osito anywhere and I threaten him with calling the cops. I took Osito with me that very moment.

Gaining Osito’s trust was a slow process. In my house he learned how to eat with other dogs, not to bother the cats, walk on a leash, and do his business outside. Still he will flinch every time I tried to pet him. And he will quickly leave his spot on the hallway if he would see me walking towards him. Since he liked to be on the couch, I let him. Slowly he would let me pet him more often. And then one day as I was walking towards the couch he was laying on, Osito started wagging his tail. Progress was made.

The first time I gave Osito a treat he dropped it on the ground and looked at me, confused. Then he saw the other dogs with their treats; I took the treat and gave it back to him. He sat next to one of my dogs and started imitating him. I guess that was his first treat.

Osito enjoying a treat.

Osito enjoying a treat.

Soon I learned that Osito loved to be brushed, so I would comb his hair daily. And then one day it happened. After I finished brushing his hair, he laid down next to me and put his head on my lap. And Osito exhaled. I melted. I cried. My job was done; Osito was ready to be adopted.

A week later the call came in. A great family in Massachusetts wanted to adopt Osito. I cried again.

The pain of him leaving is greater than any other dog. How am I going to explain to Osito that I am not abandoning him? That he is a great dog? That he did not do anything to upset me? I would keep him but if I do, then I could not rescue another dog.  And there are so many dogs that need to be helped. How can I tell Osito that I made sure that he will be loved in his new home? But what breaks my heart the most is the possibility of Osito thinking that I do not love him. You are ready to be the great dog that I know you can be.  And you will be happy, I promise.  And I will be happy for you.  And I will miss you.

It is a bittersweet job.

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ARF of RINCON is a BARKBOX Charity Partner!

It’s official! ARF of Rincón is now a BarkBox Charity Partner!  Pet lovers can sign up for BarkBox. When you sign for up for BarkBox, every month you will receive a box in the mail with four or more carefully selected products and presents for your dog – anything from toys, bones and all-natural treats to hygiene products and innovative new gadgets. A portion of profits from each box will go to help ARF of Rincón in continuing assisting doggies-in-need. BarkBox also makes a great gift for a fellow pet lover.

To sign up just click on the icon below and it will direct you to the page; there follow the three easy steps and done! Thanks for sponsoring ARF of Rincón.



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