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In this website you will find all the information that you need regarding our organization, from our mission to the adorable pets that are up for adoption. Not sure if you want a life-time commitment? Then you can help us by being a foster parent. And of course, you can always help us with donations.  Thanks for visiting us!

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ARF’s March Heroine: Lillian Koyce

On March 30th, 2015, Lillian had her birthday party at Calypso. But this was no ordinary birthday; it was a night of generosity as Lillian, being the heartwarming and unselfish person that she is, did not ask for presents. Instead, Lillian asked for donations for ARF.

Birthday Party / Fundraiser at Calypso Cafe

Birthday Party / Fundraiser at Calypso Cafe

The evening was a huge success. A hand-painted surfboard was raffled and 100% of the sales of the Mojito Madness bar went to ARF. Along with the raffle tickets a total of $1,275 was raised that evening! Plus, there were puppies for adoption, so people enjoyed petting them and giving them much needed love.

People enjoying ARF's puppies.

People enjoying ARF’s puppies.

We, at ARF of Rincón, want to express our gratitude to Cindie Rice for letting us have the fundraiser at The Calypso Cafe, for donating %100 of Mojito Madness to ARF and for donating the hand painted surfboard to raffle off. We also like to thank DJ Mouse for donating his time to a good cause – plus for making us dance all night long – and thanks to Dave and Olivia for being such amazing bartenders! But most of all we want to thank Lillian Koyce for just being who you are: a wonderful person with a heart of gold.

Happy Birthday, Lillian!

Happy Birthday, Lillian!





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St. Patrick’s Day Event – A Big Success!

On Tuesday, March 17th, 2015, ARF of Rincón celebrated its 18th annual Saint Patrick’s Day Fundraising Event at the Villa Cofresí Hotel and Restaurant. It was an evening full of great food, great prizes, memorable moments, and wonderful people.

St. Patrick’s Day Fundraising at Villa Cofresí

The event was dedicated to Kathryn Robinson, and ARF volunteer who was a member of the board many years ago. Still, up to this date, Kathryn continues to help ARF, no matter who is on the board, proving that is not about the people, is about the animals. Her friend Audrey Hellins was more than happy to tell the audience stories about Kathryn and ARF presented Kathryn with a plaque to remember the special occasion.

From left to right: Miriam Juan, Audrey Hellins, Kathryn Robinson, and Sandra Rodriguez.

From left to right: Miriam Juan, Audrey Hellins, Kathryn Robinson, and Sandra Rodriguez.

The evening was a great success for ARF as well as the people from Rincón. All tickets were sold and we couldn’t be happier with all  that we accomplished. But the real success was the atmosphere that night: it was absolutely enjoyable and full of positive vibes. We, at ARF of Rincón, want to thank everyone who made this possible, especially our volunteers: it was all possible because of your selfless willingness to help. From the bottom of our hearts: Thank You!

Lillian, Ivette, and Miriam say THANK YOU!

Lillian, Ivette, and Miriam say THANK YOU!


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The Fairy Tale of Rincon’s Most Famous Dog: Sundae

Once upon a time, in a town far away, there was a little puppy princess, who was abandoned in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant. For days she looked at the humans that would come to the area, and one by one she checked them out, waiting to find the perfect human. Until one night, the long-haired woman came after a concert, and there was something about her that made the puppy princess think “this human is perfect for me!” This is the story of Sundae, and how she adopted her human, Tiah.

Sundae "rescued" (07-20-2014)

Sundae “rescued” (07-20-2014)

On July, 2014, Sundae decided that Tiah would make the perfect owner for her. So she quickly went to Tiah’s side and, using all her master skills in the art of seduction, was able to make Tiah put her in the car and take her home. “At last” – thought Sundae – “a warm home and food for me every day like I deserve.” But something was odd at Tiah’s house. Sundae would see that there will be dogs coming and going. Some dogs would only stay for couple of days and then they would leave and not come back. “I have to do something to prevent me from going away” – she thought. “This place is perfect for me and I cannot waste this opportunity.” For many hours Sundae thought what she could do to prevent Tiah from sending her away until she came up with the perfect plan. “It’s going to hurt” – Sundae reminded herself – “but it will be worth it!” So Sundae waited for Tiah to go grocery shopping and then the puppy princess jumped out of the balcony.  Success! Sundae broke her leg and now Tiah could not put her up for adoption.

Tiah and Sundae at Sam's Club.

Tiah and Sundae at Sam’s Club.

The plan worked perfectly. Tiah was forced to spend every hour with Sundae and take her everywhere – literally EVERYWHERE. Meanwhile, spending more time with Tiah meant that Sundae could keep working on her seduction skills. And she worked them all: from constant kisses, to get along with other dogs and cats, to help Tiah babysit! Yeah! And she made sure that she had the cast on her leg for a long– looooooong – time, so that she could have more time with her human.  When the cast came off, Sundae would keep checking Tiah’s attitude just to make sure that she would not hear the word “adoption” when Sundae was around. Until one night, a nice lady said the word to Tiah: “Is that cute dog for adoption?” and Tiah replied “No.” Sundae smiled. Victory was hers and she has finally adopted the human. Tiah had find her forever loving puppy princess.

Sundae: Rincon's puppy princess

Sundae: Rincon’s puppy princess


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ARF of RINCON is a BARKBOX Charity Partner!

It’s official! ARF of Rincón is now a BarkBox Charity Partner!  Pet lovers can sign up for BarkBox. When you sign for up for BarkBox, every month you will receive a box in the mail with four or more carefully selected products and presents for your dog – anything from toys, bones and all-natural treats to hygiene products and innovative new gadgets. A portion of profits from each box will go to help ARF of Rincón in continuing assisting doggies-in-need. BarkBox also makes a great gift for a fellow pet lover.

To sign up just click on the icon below and it will direct you to the page; there follow the three easy steps and done! Thanks for sponsoring ARF of Rincón.



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